The modern way to record every fish you land

Are you still counting your catch with one of these?

Are you scribbling your catch data in one of these?

Did you lose it? Was it ruined when it rained? Did you try to write while the boat was rocking …and now you can’t read it? Or did you plan to make a note when you got home, then forgot about it…information gone!

There is now a better way to log your fish catch! Anglers can now produce a personal log of their fishing activities!

The Creel/Log

  • Log fish species, length, weight, count, water temperature, depth, trolling speed, wind direction and wind speed
  • Automatically record Date and time, and using internal sensors, also air temperature and Barometric Pressure.
  • Easy to set-up and easy to use.
  • Save data with Microsoft Excel, Open Office, Apple Numbers and most any other spread sheet software.
  • Waterproof* and dust proof, can be used in fresh water and salt water, it floats!
  • Reliable—Stainless steel hardware, gold plated connectors, and a UV protected case. One-year warranty.
  • Designed, and made in the USA.

* Total protection against dust, water immersion at one meter for 15 minutes (Rated IP67)

Easy to use!

  1. Rotate knob to the right to turn on the Creel/Log. The time and date will be displayed.
  2. Rotate again to display the first input. In this example the first input is length.
  3. Rotate the knob again to select the desired length.
  4. Push the right hand next button to go to the next window
  5. Rotate the knob again to enter the all inputs using the same procedure.
  6. After all of your data have been entered, select the species using the buttons above the species name. In our example the selected species is Walleye.
  7. Select the left-hand button to save your data or the right-hand button to go back, if you need to correct an input.


  • Included Creel/Log by LaserTalk™, instruction manual, two sets of fish species labels, 2 AA batteries, Micro USB cable supplied.
  • Data Recorded Up to 9 items including: Date, Time, Air temperature, Barometric pressure, Water Temperature, Troll Speed, Depth, Wind Direction, and wind Speed. The following are automatically Recorded: Date, Time, Air temperature and Barometric pressure.
  • Battery 2 AA alkaline included, Nominal life: full fishing season
  • Waterproof Water immersion at one meter for 15 minutes. Floats without damage. Totally dust proof.
  • Digital Output CSV format opens in MS Excel, Open Office, Apple Numbers and most other, spreadsheets.
  • Species selection Choose any four: Walleye,White Fish,Yellow Perch,Black Crappie, Bluegill, Brook Trout, Cat Fish, Lake Sturgeon, Lake Trout, Largemouth Bass, Muskellunge, Northern
  • Pike,Rainbow Trout, Rock Bass, Sauger, Small mouth Bass, Splake.Stripper, Sun Fish. Others are available on special order.
  • Data security Retains recorded data even if battery is dead or removed.
  • Warranty LaserTalk one year warranty will replace or repair the CreelLog for defects due to workmanship.This excludes misuse or physical damage.

To output the recorded data, simply connect the supplied USB cable to the Creel/Log and to your computer. Turn on the Creel/Log, by rotating the knob, and download the data just like you would a flash drive. File can be opened in most spreadsheets.

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